“Gary has an unusually broad skill set, from carpentry to tile setting, electrical,
plumbing and too much to list. Everything he has done for me has been
excellent work! He is a rare find as well as easy & trustworthy to work with."

“The great thing about Gary Bowman is there doesn’t seem to be anything
he can’t do and when he’s finished it’s Excellent! He’s saved us a bundle
from having to hire several specialty contractors to do all of the work we

“Gary Bowman helped me get my home back together. He’s completed several
projects for me, from electrical, plumbing, carpentry, tile and replacing old
appliances in my kitchen which looks brand new now! He’s a very nice man and
can be trusted to do whatever he says he will do

“I had a tree fall onto my roof which caused a leak in my ceiling. Within a weeks
time Gary had it restored to its original condition! You can’t even tell the extent
of damage there was and it doesn’t leak anymore, even in the worst of storms."

“Gary Bowman has done several jobs for us, including flooring, trim,  electrical, plumbing & design ideas.  He also installed our garage door openers.  He is reliable, honest, and reasonable.  If Gary does a job, it will be done right."


It’s way more cost effective to spend a bit more for a quality job in the beginning than having to redo things again later.


“The retaining wall Gary built is like a fortress, and the yard hydrant he installed
has been working perfectly for several freezing cold winters now. He also
corrected an electrical issue I’ve had for months that no one else seemed to be
able to figure out."

“Gary is great at custom work and is extremely good at whatever he chooses to take on. He has done various projects for us and is honest & reasonable.  When he builds something or puts something up, it will last a lifetime."

“Gary Bowman has done several electrical and plumbing projects for us.  Does great work and really knows his stuff!"

Gary is a treasure to work with! He provided conscious and quality facilities
management, maintenance, and repair at the 15-acre, 11-building retreat center
that I managed. Gary performed many services for us including electrical,
plumbing, arbory, financial tracking, contractor management and team
leadership. We'd hire him again in a heart beat!

Gary has helped to remodel and update our house for the past 3 years. His work
is beyond excellent. He understood what we wanted and when needed made
valid and better suggestions. He lined a closet with cedar, installed electrical
items, updated a fireplace, painted and repaired doors and trim. Installed door
locks, totally remodeled the laundry room including installing new flooring. Built
a customized bookshelf and when done with the work cleaned up everything
everyday. We will definitely hire him again for up coming projects

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